System of Rice Intensification(SRI)

SRI is a methodology which aims at increasing the yield of #rice produced in farming. It is a method that uses low #water, labour intensive that uses #young seedlings singly spaced and typically employs #handweeding with special #tools.
SRI concepts and practices are being adapted to #rain-fed or non-irrigated conditions. The central principles of SRI are :
  • Rice field soils should be kept moist rather than continuously saturated, minimizing anaerobic conditions, as this improves root growth and supports the growth and diversity of aerobic soil organisms.
  • Rice plants should be planted singly and spaced optimally widely to permit more growth of roots and canopy and to keep all leaves photosynthetically active.
  • Rice seedlings should be transplanted when young, less than 15 days old with just two leaves, quickly, shallow and carefully, to avoid trauma to roots and to minimize transplant shock.
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