Track 8: Transgenic Plants

#Transgenicplants are obtained by introducing new traits to the plants by recombinant DNA technology. #Plants containing transgenes are often called genetically modified crops. Transgenic plants have been developed by biolistic methods (i.e.) Particle gun method.

In this method, the #DNA bounded to tiny particles such as #Tungsten or #Gold is shot into the plant tissue by which it penetrates into cell wall and membranes.

With the help of this technology many types of transgenic plants can be created such as Pest resistant plants, Herbicides resistant plants, Insect resistant plants, Virus resistant plant etc.

#Vaccines against infectious diseases of #gastrointestinal are produces by therapeutic proteins obtained from the transgenic plants.
  • Development of Transgenic Plants
  • Virus Resistant Plants
  • Production of Therapeutic Proteins
  • Plant based vaccines
  • Pest Resistant Plants
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